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MPM accepts new students 5 to 8 years old or K to 3rd grade, depending upon their Diagnostic Exam for Placement, DEP. Though MPM materials designed for up to 6th graders, the ideal entry level is 5-8 years old.  Minimum age is based upon the student’s writing skills. Younger students should be able to draw or write numbers before initiating MPM program. Older students may be accepted in special cases.



The MPM Mathematics Program normally requires students to attend eight sessions per month or approximately two sessions per week. (Fewer sessions may be scheduled by the instructor under special, short-term conditions.) in special cases.



Session Length will vary from fifteen to one-hundred or more minutes, depending on the student’s grade and other factors. Estimates of session length according to student’s age and grade are as follows:


Grade / Age                             Class Length

K/ 5-6                                        30 - 40 min

1st/ 6-7                                     35 - 50 min

2nd / 7-8                                   40 - 60 min

3rd / 8-9                                    45- 65 min

4th /9-10                                   60 -75 min

5th/ 10-11                                 70 - 85 min

6th / 11-12                                80 - 90 min

Actual class length will vary according to the material difficulty, student concentration, attention span, grade, and age. After 4-6 sessions, parents will have a better estimate of the class length.



(Personalized System of Learning) – MPM is a self-learning system personalized for each student. Instead of traditional one-to-one tutoring, personalized materials will be uniquely arranged for each student according to individual needs. Even during the same MPM sessions, students may be at different levels from each other. Instructors will utilize minimal guidance to maximize self-learning for each student.



Students will be given 7 pages to complete during class time. In order to provide instant feedback, Instructors will check the finished worksheets immediately and return them to students for corrections if needed.



Students will receive 7 pages for homework. The purpose of homework is to help instructors gauge student’s ability to complete MPM materials independently. Since homework is mainly for review, parents are encouraged to spread out the MPM homework over a couple of days. Homework will be checked and returned to students for corrections during the next class.



MPM Math Materials are not for sale. All MPM Worksheets must be returned to the MPM Instructors. MPM Instructors will temporarily keep used materials for about one to two months. 

It is encouraged that parents review their children’s homework, so parents could see their children’s progress.



(Diagnostic Exam for Placement) – The DEP is used to identify a student’s optimum starting point. All new students must take the DEP before enrollment.

The MPM Instructor may further adjust the level according to the student’s learning progress during the first three months.


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