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  Our Philosophy



  • ›To foster a balanced growth in calculation skills and conceptual understanding for overall math problem-solving abilities.

  • ›To promote problem-solving skills through the development of independent, divergent, and creative thinking.

  • ›To encourage an active self-learning attitude through Personalized System of Learning.

  • ›To strengthen self-confidence by continuously challenging the new and the unknown.

  • ›Most importantly, ›to revive the enjoyment of learning math.




About us




  • MPM has been promoting its math program since 1989 when it established. MPM has more than one hundred thousand students all over the world. MPM is a well-sequenced math program designed around the concepts of Multi-Process and Multi-Model mathematics for K to 6 grade students. It helps students to develop their skills in problem solving and independent logical thinking.

  • ​​MPM Math is a self learning system personalized for each student. Through Personalized System of Learning approach, MPM students optimize their learning independently, with minimal guidance from the instructor.

  • It optimizes each student's learning ability with minimal guidance from the instructor. Students work with Multi-Process Model to solve problems in Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate Plane, and various areas of math. By using the specially designed manipulative tools, students learn math with fun and they understand the concept without pressure. Furthermore, they will know how to apply what they learn in their real life.


  • ›New York State certified early childhood and special education teachers.
  • ›New York State certified mathematics teachers.
  • New York State certified occupational therapy.
  • ›Master degree in child psychology.
  • ›Well-trained MPM instructors.